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Hoi An Attractions

Hoi An’s rich cultural heritage and stunning coastline are undoubtedly the main draws for visitors, but there’s more to this charming town than meets the eye. If you’re looking to explore beyond the surface, you’ll discover a treasure trove of unique attractions and experiences that cater to all interests and ages.

From the iconic Old Town to its world-renowned tailoring, Hoi An’s famous attractions are not to be missed. The area’s picturesque beaches, spas, and culinary scene are also a major draw. But it’s not just about the famous highlights – there’s a wealth of other activities and experiences waiting to be discovered. Cooking classes, theater shows, and workshops offer a chance to learn about local culture and traditions, while countryside trips and adventures into Da Nang and beyond provide opportunities for exploration and excitement.

For history buffs, Marble Mountain and My Son are must-visit sites, offering a glimpse into Vietnam’s ancient past. And for those seeking breathtaking views, Monkey Mountain (Son Tra) and Hai Van Pass provide unforgettable panoramas that will leave you in awe. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural enrichment, Hoi An has something for everyone.

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hoi an old town attractions

Old Town

Discover the charming Hoi An Old Town, a colorful and vibrant area filled with restaurants, cafes, and shops. A leisurely stroll through the narrow streets is a great way to start your day.

Visit historic attractions like the Chinese Assembly Halls, Japanese Covered Bridge, and traditional Phung Hung and Tam Ky Old Houses. The Museum of Folk Culture and Hoi An Museum are also nearby.

Take a boat tour for a unique perspective on the town, with options for short or long trips. Evening tours are especially magical when the town is lit up by lanterns. Don’t miss the Full Moon Festival night!

Getting around is easy with Hoi An’s electric Shuttle Buses, which connect the town to the coast and offer a mini-tour of the area.

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Hoi An’s proximity to the coast is one of its many attractions. You’re never far from the beach, no matter where you stay in this charming town.

The main beach attraction is An Bang, with Cua Dai to the south and quieter options like Hidden Beach and Tan Thanh in between. Just a short boat ride away, Cham Island offers a delightful day trip experience.

Just across the water you’ll see Cham Island a short boat ride away – a wonderful tourist attraction in itself!

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Hoi An Beaches
Tan Thanh Beach Hoi An - Hidden Attractions

Traditional Craft

Little Daisy Hoi An Workshop

Little Daisy Hoi An is a renowned hand embroidery artist studio in the heart of Hoi An, where artistry meets tradition. This esteemed studio offers a range of workshops, including embroidery, sewing, and crochet classes, available every day. With flexible scheduling options, you can choose a time that suits you and join a class to learn the intricacies of these timeless crafts. Not only will you gain a new skill to treasure for a lifetime, but you’ll also have a delightful experience that combines creativity and cultural immersion.

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Timing Mask Workshop

The Timing Masks Workshop, a family-run business led by Mr. Phong Bui, has been dedicated to preserving Vietnam’s ancient art of mask making. This fun, family-friendly activity is perfect for all ages, with a handmade mask souvenir to take home. Tip: ask staff to mount your mask on a basket – it adds a lovely touch!Find more on Timing Mask Workshop

Most Popular

Thanh Ha Terracotta & Pottery Village

For a unique experience in Hoi An, visit Thanh Ha Terracotta and Pottery Village, where you can paint your own Vietnamese theatre mask souvenir. This is one of famous attractions, perfect for both adults and kids, offering a mix of pottery-making and historical insights. Located on the river, it’s also close to Cam Kim, with a museum, souvenir shops, cafes, and rest areas to explore.

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thanh ha pottery village hoi an

Awesome Monkey Mountain

People come to Monkey Mountain, Da Nang, to feel the immensity of nature, its sweep and its transformative power, exploring numerous attractions. They come to experience time standing still, and to feel closer to God and God’s mysteries, even if that’s not how they’d put it. The peak of Monkey Mountain features some of the steepest inclines in SE Asia and its roads cut through miles of lush rainforest.

The mountain is named after the very rare, Red-shanked Duoc and it is also home to the imposing Lady Buddha. At 67m, the statue is almost twice the size of Rio’s Christ the Redeemer and is a spiritual protector from natural disasters, especially typhoons. Behind her is the impressive Ling Ung – Bai But Pagoda, an active monastery and pilgrimage site, especially for domestic tourists.

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Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort

European architecture, much of it medieval, crowns the 1,487-metre high Vietnamese mountain at Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort, a breathtaking attraction. For this alone, it’s worth a visit. Not quite a Hoi An attraction, but a must-see day trip from Da Nang, Ba Na Hills is a major drawcard for Central Vietnam’s visitors.

Take in the awe-inspiring entrance via cable car and marvel at the new Golden Bridge suspended by giant hands before exploring the Fantasy Park, where fun awaits for all the family. Ba Na Hills offers something for everyone, from enchanting garden labyrinths to elevated pagodas to thrilling rollercoasters, and as it continues to evolve, it’ll be fascinating to watch its development.

With hotels and restaurants at the top of the highest peak, and a beautiful pagoda offering stunning views, Ba Na Hills has everything needed for an unforgettable experience. With over 1.5 million visitors annually, it can get busy at times, so consider staying overnight to avoid peak hour crowds and explore at your own pace.

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Hai Van Pass by Motorbike

Renowned as one of the world’s most spectacular coast roads, a motorbike journey along Hai Van Pass is an unforgettable experience. When traveling between Hue and Da Nang/Hoi An, this iconic route is not to be missed – make it a day trip instead. The road winds its way along the hillside, featuring a series of hairpin bends, steep inclines, and breathtaking scenery before culminating at its famous summit.

At the top, historic fortifications dating back to the Dai Viet Kingdom and Emperor Minh Mang’s rule await. Historically, Hai Van served as the physical division between the Champa and Dai Viet Kingdoms, with imposing gate-like structures marking the border crossing. As the natural frontier between north and south Vietnam, Hai Van Pass is a must-drive mountain pass that will leave you in awe!

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Marble Mountain Marvel

Just a 20-minute bus or taxi ride from Hoi An, the Marble Mountains are a must-visit spot for history buffs and anyone looking for a bird’s-eye view of central Vietnam. Down below, a network of caves, tunnels, and pagodas await discovery, with gigantic statues scattered throughout. But don’t wait till noon – the summer heat can be brutal, and you’ll want to beat the crowds that flock here year-round.

And if you’re into marble art, the Marble Mountains are famous for their stunning statues, ranging from tiny trinkets to massive masterpieces. You can find them at nearby shops and markets.

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My Son

For a deeper understanding of the complex history, join a local guide and explore My Son, a must-visit day trip from Hoi An city center. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the few remaining remnants of the ancient Cham Empire in Vietnam, dating back to the 4th century. But amidst the stunning ruins, the scars of war are evident – bomb craters scattered throughout tell a somber tale of the American War. And don’t miss the eerie statues with missing heads, a result of the French’s bizarre practice of trophy-taking. Despite the tumultuous past, My Son remains an alluring attraction for anyone fascinated by history and culture.

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Tam Thanh Mural Village

Step into Tam Thanh Mural Village and you’ll feel like Dorothy entering a technicolor dreamworld. This charming village bursts forth from its sepia-toned surroundings into a riot of pinks, blues, yellows, and violets. Every house on the main street is a unique gem, with murals of locals decorating the larger walls and tiny paintings spilling down the alleyways, beckoning you to explore.

This one-of-a-kind village in Vietnam aims to give local tourism a boost and inject some excitement into an otherwise sleepy corner of the province. With the blessing of the local community, volunteer artists have transformed ordinary construction into a vibrant work of living art.

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Art Galleries

Hoi An is renowned for its cultural and artistic heritage in Vietnam, attracting creatives with its relaxed atmosphere, picturesque light, diverse landscapes, unique architecture, and vibrant culture. The town’s artistic vibe is palpable.

Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street boasts an impressive array of art shops and galleries, with many offering affordable, cheerful pieces. While some may feature copied or derivative designs, tourists often find them charming. If you fall in love with a piece, be sure to take it home – it’s a memorable souvenir.

Other prominent streets with galleries include Tran Phu, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Bach Dang, and Phan Boi Chau.

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memory jewelry hoi an
Nho Memory Jewelry Gallery Hoi An - Address: 26 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, Hoi An Ancient Town Town


Lune Production

If you have the chance to experience a Lune Production – Lune Cirque, don’t let it slip away. For about an hour, you’ll be fully immersed in a poignant portrayal of traditional Vietnamese life, leaving a lasting impression long after the curtains close. The performances are truly world-class, featuring exceptional music and high-energy, dramatic performances that will captivate you.

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Hoi An Memories

Hoi An Memories Show is a breathtaking open-air spectacle featuring a cast of 500 performers in an arena that seats 3000. As Vietnam’s largest and most ambitious show, it’s Hoi An’s premier theatrical attraction. The show showcases Vietnamese culture through a historical lens, highlighting the city’s rich past as a multicultural trading port, where East and West converged since the 1500s.

The setting is majestic, with grand depictions of nearby mountains, flood plains, and the historic port of Hoi An. The music is sublime, lighting is state-of-the-art, and choreography is exceptional. Arrive early or linger after the show to explore the adjacent Impression Theme Park – it’s definitely worth your while.

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Theme Parks & Games

Art in Paradise: Danang

Imagine coming face-to-face with King Kong, soaring through the skies with fairies, or gliding through Venice on a gondolier. Art in Paradise Danang 3D Museum makes it all possible, but don’t forget your camera – it’s all about capturing the magic. This massive, two-floor interactive visual playground is expertly managed, ensuring non-stop laughter from start to finish.

Explore 9 themed zones, where South Korean artists have meticulously hand-painted walls and floors to create stunning optical illusions that deceive the eyes into thinking you’re part of the scene.

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Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An

This 62.4-hectare park still has plenty to offer and is a terrific day out for those with kids or for those who want to let their inner kid out. Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An boasts six exceptional attractions: Waterworld, River Safari, Bird Park, Hoi An Cultural Land, the massive Adventure Land fun park, and the Indoor Gaming Room. Interspersed between these worlds, you’ll find some quite good souvenir shops, clothes shops, restaurants, and outside entertainment options.

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Ba Na Hills

See Most Popular (above).

Embroidery & Sewing Workshop Hoi An by Little Daisy Hoi An

Lantern Making

Experience the essence of Hoi An in just one night, and you’ll discover the town’s affection for lanterns. These beautiful creations adorn every nook and cranny of the Old Town, from buildings to boats, and even homes nearby. A lantern-making class is a must-do activity, regardless of age! With various classes to choose from, you can create your own lantern from scratch, selecting the style, color, and material to suit your taste. Not only will you take home a unique souvenir, but also a lovely keepsake that folds up neatly for travel.

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Thanh Ha Terracotta & Pottery Village

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Hoi An boasts a scenic golf course at the Vinpearl Nam Hoi An Resort, facing the beach and catering to golfers of all levels. The lush surroundings make it a haven for those who love the game.

Just outside Hoi An, you’ll find more courses and resorts in Da Nang and Ba Na Hills, an award-winning destination. The three cities – Hoi An, Da Nang, and Hue – are connected by new roads and tunnels, forming Vietnam’s Golf Coast. This region is rapidly gaining recognition as a top golf destination, thanks to its picturesque courses and modern infrastructure.

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Golf courses in Hoi An. Hoiana. Hoi An attractions.

Hoiana Golf Course

Cooking Classes

Indulge in the joy of cooking in Hoi An, whether you’re a seasoned chef or kitchen newbie. Cooking classes are a top draw, offering a unique insight into local culture and cuisine. Discover Hoi An’s distinct dishes, learn stories behind the food, and meet the locals. As you cook, you’ll gain knowledge, share laughs, and savor every bite of what you create – and be amazed by your own culinary skills!

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Bicycling in Hoi An

Explore Hoi An and its surroundings on two wheels, a fantastic way to escape the crowds and discover the real Vietnam. Cycle through the countryside at your own pace, taking in the scenic views of farming and fishing communities. Choose from popular routes like An Bang Beach, Cam Kim, or Alternative Hoi An Cycle Tours to get started. For a more immersive experience, join organized tours that combine cycling with local culture, food, and people.


Immerse yourself in Vietnam’s vibrant culture, traditions, and history by visiting during a festival. Below, discover an overview of major Vietnamese celebrations and public holidays, with a special focus on Hoi An and Central Vietnam. Note that dates may vary from year to year, so plan ahead to ensure you catch the festivities you’re interested in.

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