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Hoi An Workshops

Hoi An is a haven for crafty travelers, with a variety of workshops to discover.

Little Daisy Hoi An offers a range of Hoi An workshops, art and craft classes, where visitors can unleash their creativity and take home unique souvenirs. The embroidery and sewing class is open every day, allowing participants to learn traditional Vietnamese techniques and create their own bespoke items. From intricate embroidery to colorful batik making, the workshops cater to all skill levels.

With expert guidance, guests can design and craft their own pieces, from delicate lanterns to vibrant scarves. Perfect for those seeking a cultural experience and a tangible memento of their time in Hoi An..

Sewing Workshop Hoi An - Make your own favorite clothing in 2-3 hours - by Little Daisy Hoi An Workshops

All fabric and materials included. Good linen or cotton.

During 2 or 3 hours, you will learn to cut the patterns. Then learn to sew your own clothing. 

You can pick up almost any design and sew at the first class. Suitable for beginners or all levels. Intermediate and advanced. 

Video record of the method of cutting and sewing will be sent to you after the class for your reference at home. 

Coming to Little Daisy Hoi An workshops – the art of Sewing. You will have a brief about fashion business, tailoring industry. And grab good understanding about sewing. 

Hand Embroidery workshop Hoi An, create your own gift and learn the art of hand embroidery - by Little Daisy Hoi An.

Learn the art of hand embroidery in less than 2 hours to create your own embroidered tote bags, notebooks, or bookmarks.

You will learn modern and traditional stitches, and a deep understanding about emrboidery.

Video of how to do embroidery stitches will be provided after the class. 

Customize time to join the class, you can contact Little Daisy Hoi An to arrange the class fits your schedule.

During 3 hours, you will learn basic crochet stitches to create a lot of cute things from toys to flowers, or clothing.

Just via one class, you grab one skills that benefits your your whole life.

Customizable time to join. Contact Little Daisy Hoi An via their social media to arrange the time fits your schedule.

Website: littledaisyhoian.com, Facebook: Little Daisy Hoi An

Instagram: Little Daisy Hoi An

Youtube: Little Daisy Hoi An.

Hand painting class Hoi An

There are a few places offers hand painting workshops in Hoi An, including:

Little Daisy Hoi An.

Duc Bet Artist & Rainbow Garden – Duc Gallery.


Hoi an sewing class

Coffee Making Classes

For now, Tri Long Cafe offer coffee making Hoi An workshops, where you can learn about Vietnamese cafe and make your own cup of coffee. 

Besides, you can consider join some other Hoi An Workshops like below:

Cooking classes – Tra que vegetable village.

Bamboo classes by Mr Tan Vo to create the bamboo gifts.

Lantern making classes in Hoi An by many famous places like: Pho Hoi Lantern, Lantern Lady,…

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