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Hoi An Foodie Tour with Local Guide

by hoiantourguide

Hoi An is known for its delectable cuisine, and what better way to experience it than with a local foodie tour guide with us!

Hoi An Tour Guide is a team of Hoi An locals who speaks excellent English and know the best hidden spots in town that only the locals usually visit.

Our foodie tour is perfect for tourists who want to taste Hoi An’s local vegan or non-vegan specialties. The tour includes a visit to some of the best and most famous food markets in Hoi An, where you can source fresh ingredients for your cooking class.

You will have the opportunity to sample a range of different dishes, including the famous cơm gà (chicken rice), bánh mì (Vietnamese sandwich), and phở (Vietnamese noodle soup). Our tour is perfect for vegetarians and vegans too as we knows some vegetarian and vegan restaurants that are so good.

The foodie tour also includes visits to some of Hoi An’s hidden cafes and restaurants that only locals know about. These hidden gems serve authentic and delicious Vietnamese food that’s so mouth-watering that one can’t resist.

Our foodie tour also includes a cooking class, where you’ll learn to cook some of the famous Vietnamese dishes yourself. Our tour guide will guide you through the preparation process, and you’ll get to eat your creations afterward.

The cooking class is a great way to learn about the ingredients and techniques used in Vietnamese cuisine. In addition to learning about Hoi An’s cuisine, 

Our foodie tour also includes visits to some of the town’s top landmarks and attractions, such as the Japanese Covered Bridge and the Hoi An Ancient Town. She will provide you with fascinating anecdotes and stories about the town’s rich cultural heritage.

In conclusion, our foodie tour is an excellent way to experience Hoi An’s cuisine and culture through the eyes of a local. The tour is a perfect introduction to the town’s varied cuisine and landmarks, offering visitors a unique and authentic glimpse of life in Hoi An. By joining the tour, you’ll taste some of the most delicious dishes, explore hidden spots only known by locals, and learn valuable cooking skills from an expert Vietnamese cook. Join our tour today and discover the best of Hoi An’s culinary treasures

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