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Sewing Workshop Hoi An & Tailoring Tour 24/24

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hoi an sewing workshop tailoring tour

Sewing workshop Hoi An.

Make your own favorite clothing.

Are you ready for a fun and creative experience in Hoi An? Look no further! Join our sewing workshop Hoi An & Tailoring tour Hoi An and in just 2 hours, you can create your very own basic nice clothing It’s the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and learn a new skill.

Learn the art of sewing and creating pattern.

At Little Daisy Sewing Studio, we offer a 2-3 hour sewing class where you can design and sew your favorite clothing item. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process, ensuring that you have a memorable and enjoyable time.

Imagine the satisfaction of wearing a pair of pants that you made with your own hands. Not only will you have a unique piece of clothing, but you’ll also have the pride of knowing that you crafted it yourself. It’s a wonderful way to showcase your personal style and creativity.

Tailoring tour Hoi An.

Besides, we offer tailoring tour in Hoi An, where we can arrange an English speaking tour guide to guide you for shopping and tailoring choice. We find the best deal, best price for you.

We will make sure whatever you pay you will be happy with. And the money you are saving with us will be much more than the fee for the guide. So book with us via WhatsApp today. 

Flexible time to join the workshop.

To book your spot in our sewing workshop, simply visit littledaisyhoian.com. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to have a fun and fulfilling experience in Hoi An. We can’t wait to see you at Little Daisy Sewing Studio! 

Contact: littledaisyhoian.com

WhatsApp Booking Class: +84946574633

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